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Keep on the move with a spare mobile phone battery. The latest batteries for mobiles are Li-Poly batteries which are extremely light / thin and give the best battery life to date. Buy a new lithium polymer or lithium Ion battery from secure online UK shops.

Get a spare battery for you Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Siemens or any other mobile phone make.

Information on mobile phone batteries

Li-ion ( Lithium Ion ) mobile phone batteries are very light and suffer from no memory effect, meaning that your battery last for far longer.

Unused lithium ion mobile phone batteries will only lose about 15% of their charge in a month if unuse but unused NiMh ( Nickel Metal Hydride these were the old style mobile phone batteries ) batteries will lose upto 50% or more.

When you first get your new battery make sure that you fully charge it and try and use the battery from full to empty for the first couple of times you use it, this just helps prepare the battery for use.

Lithium Polymer ( the latest in batteries ) have been developed from Li-ion batteries. L-Po cell batteries can be charged to a higher capacity than standard Li-ion models and last just as long if not longer and also suffer from no memory effect, giving the battery an extremely long life.

With high capacity L-Po mobile phone batteries you get more talk time, standby time and more time between charging your phone.

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