Sony Ericsson Batteries

Buy a replacement or spare Sony Ericsson mobile phone battery.

Buy a Sony Ericsson mobile phone spare battery

Please see below a list of replacement Sony Ericsson batteries:

Standard Battery BST-36 - Your Sony Ericsson battery is a safe, reliable and long-lasting source of power for hours of fun with your mobile phone. For the Sony Ericsson Z550i, K310i, K510i.

Standard Battery BST-37 - For the Sony Ericsson W710i, Z710i, K610im, V630i, W700i, J100i, W810i, J220i, J230i, Z300i, Z520i, W800i.

Standard Battery BST-33 - For the Sony Ericsson P990i, K800i, W300i, Z530i, Z800i, V800.

Standard Battery BST-35 - The coordinated development of Sony Ericsson mobile phones and batteries guarantees safe and reliable power to your phone. Designed specially for Sony Ericsson mobile phones and conforming to international environmental, electrical and safety standards, a Sony Ericsson battery is the optimal solution in terms of quality, performance, capacity and reliability. And our extensive warranty means sticking with an original Sony Ericsson battery is a safer, smarter decision.

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