Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

Using your phone on the go with a Jabra hands free headset....

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Jabra are the market leader of innovative hands free communication devices for the mobile phone consumer market. Their award winning headset range of handsfree products includes cordless and corded models for every kind of mobile lifestyle.

Jabra make the following mobile phone hands free devices:

Jabra JX10 - A pure design attitude...

Jabra BT500v - Next generation of the worlds best-selling Bluetooth headset

Jabra BT160 - Style it. Wear it. Love it.

Jabra BT125 - Get more done. Talk hands-free.

Jabra BT135 - Lighten up. Go hands-free.

Jabra BT150 - The freedom to express yourself

Jabra BT250v - Sleek design, high performance

Jabra BT800 - Revolutionary, stylish, innovative, unique

Jabra BT205 - A new look for the World's favourite...

Bluetooth headsets are available from:

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