Mobile Phone Chargers

Keep your phone chargered even while on the move....

Running out of power can be a very frustrating and annoying situation for all mobile phone users. Becuse of this there are many types of chargers you can buy for you phone, including spare power chargers, car chargers, desktop chargers, USB chargers and others.

Mains Chargers - A mains charger normally comes free with your phone and allows you to charge your phone from a standard plug socket.

Desktop Chargers - Desktop chargers allow you to place your phone into a cradle whilst it charges thus no leads are attached if you need to use the phone, these can be very handy for working in the office.

USB Chargers - USB chargers have been designed to plug into the USB port of your computer or laptop so you can charge your phone at work or on the move.

  • Charge your mobile phone directly from your laptop    whilst on the move.
  • Charge your mobile phone from any computer with a    USB port.
  • More compact than a conventional phone charger thus    space saving.
  • Car Chargers - An in-car charger allows you to charge your mobile phone whilst in the car, by plugging your phone into the cigarette lighter socket.

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