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Phone Information

The Motorola W220 is a great and stylish looking clamshell mobile phone. The W220 is available in black and silver casing. The phone is 95 x 46 x 16.7 mm in size which is perfect and weighs only 93 grams.

The W220 has 500 Kbytes of internal memory (0.5mb) but is only dual band GSM 900 and GSM 1800.

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Motorola W220 Spec


Out Now


GSM 900 / 1800




128 x 128 pixels, 65k colours




Compact clamshell 95 x 46 x 17mm / 93g



Memory Card:








Battery life:

8 hours talk / 12 days standby

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Review by: Martin Rocks From: England On: 19th June 2007
This is a fantastic little phone, it looks really stylish and fits nicely into the palm of your hand. The keys are well spaced out and the colour screen is sharp.

It doesnt have a camera, bluetooth or play mp3's. It just makes and recieves phones calls and text messages. You can also send MMS and download as much content as you want. The screen is probably a little small given the size of the phone but it doesnt bother me as i look cool with it.

Another downside is that the outside of the phone doesnt show you who is calling until you flip it up and by that time it is too late because it automatically answers the call. Not good if you are trying to avoid the missus. The oustise of the phone does let you know if you have a message or a missed phone call which is quite cool.

Another nice touch is the built in FM radio, just connect your headphones and away you go.

All in all, for less than [...] you cat go wrong. If you need a phone with all the usual extras (camera,mp3 player) this is probably not the phone for you
Rating: 5/5

Review by: Shaun From: England On: 17th June 2007
If like me, you simply want a phone which you can make calls with and send and receive text messages then i would recommend the W220. First off it looks pretty damn good, the shiny black front shows a glowing blue message icon when you have a message waiting, a green phone icon when someone from your phonebook is calling, and an orange one when the number calling you is not in your phone book. The edges and back are made of a nice rubberised material that won't scratch as easily as the usual plastic covers.

As far as functions go, don't get too excited, it has wap and the ability to send and receive MMS messages, as well a surprisingly good fm radio that you utilise by plugging in the included headphones which were also impressive in their quality.

And that's about it. The battery life is good, with mine lasting 3-4 days in between charges with moderate use although the radio will sap the battery more quickly. I previously had a v220 and this is very similar, but without mp3 ringtone support or a camera, both which i rarely used. I have and ipod and a digital camera for those tasks.

The only slight gripe i have is that when i'm texting i can sometimes go too fast for the phone and words end up being spelled wrong due to the response time of the keypad which is a little annoying. Some people may find the keypad a little fiddly as well and sometimes you end up pressing the wrong button by mistake which is why i've not given 5 stars.

I appreciate some people want a device that will do everything, but i just want a phone that is a (good-looking) phone and if you do too, you won't go far wrong with this one.
Rating: 4/5

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