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Phone Information

The Nokia 7373 is an upgrade of the popular 7370 and is part of Nokia's L'Amour series of handsets. The look of the phone is good and it is available in a choice of colours including powder pink and bronze black. The 7373 is a swivel phone and is very compact.

The 7373 has a good sized screen (2 inches across) and a great screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels with 262K colours. It also has a decent camera with 2 megapixels and video recording. When it comes to music the 7373 does it all and has a media player capable of playing MP3, AAC, WMA and other music formats.

Another improvement to this model is that it has a MicroSD memory slot allowing you to add up to 2 Gb of additional memory.

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Nokia 7373 Spec


Out Now


GSM Tri-Band 900 / 1800 / 1900




240 x 320 pixels, 262k colours


2.0 megapixels


88 x 43 x 23mm / 104g




Phonebook : 1000
Internal : 10 Mb
Expansion : MicroSD (TransFlash)






Java (J2ME) Yes ,MIDP 2.0
WAP Yes Ver 2.0
Predictive Text Entry T9
Platform / OS Proprietary
Browser XHTML

Battery life:

2.5 hours talk (max) / 10 days standby

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Review by: Not Given From: England On: 23rd February 2008
I was extremely dissapointed with this phone. It may look great and seem like the most fashionable phone around, but it was just a terrible phone. The battery life was terrible, it would last a day, unless i used it, in that case it would last a few hours. Not even 6. I could spend about 30 mins on the phone and then it would run out of charge. It would keep telling me there was no sim card inserted when infact there was! There were LOTS of other faults with this phone but i dont have the time to state them all!
Rating: 1/5

Review by: Ellie From: England On: 10th May 2007
I just got the 7373 phone 4 days ago and i must say its great! It's looks are brillant- sooo girly (i got the pink one).

The swivel function is easy to use and opens out either way. The phone can easily be opened up with one hand but swivelling it back takes a little getting used to and is much easier with both hands. The phone's features are very typical of todays market- perhaps a little outdated with a 2mp camera without flash and a mp3 player. But i find the quailty of the photos quite good and as i'm not needing the best quality i have no problems.

As for music, the phone has a loudspeaker just above the keys. I find the quailty suprisingly good and the volume is loud (although i don't think it's as loud as some of the walkman phones such as the w850). One feature that i'm very impressed with is the radio. With the supplied earphones used for signal you can either listen to your favourite stations through the headset or share it with others by using the loudspeaker. I've never seen a radio on a phone that allows loudspeaker so i find this quite a novelty. The radio can be set to automatically find the stations within your area so it's very likely that all the popualar channels are available.

The phone's size is adorable and can comfortably fit in the smallest of bags. One thing that i've noticed which is a bit of a pain is that when you change the phones theme all your ringtones will go back to the orignal ones so you have to change them yet again. As for what is supplied with the phone i was very impressed. Not only do you get a matching case which is lined with velvet type material but you also get a nokia phone charm which looks great on the phone. You also get a 128mb micro sd card which is a good start! Also the leather-like battery cover really sets the phone apart from the rest.

Overall i don't have any problems with the Nokia 7373 phone. I would definately recommend this phone to anyone looking for an attractive, cute and well featured phone.
Rating: 5/5

Review by: Jack From: England On: 30th March 2007
2 months ago i brought a samsung D900. this was the new phone and the uprgade from the best selling D600. everyone was talking about it so i brought myself one. however a month later it had been repaired once and the shop had given me two new ones as the others had broke. a friend recomended the new 7373 so i thought i would again treat myself as i didnt have a mobile. this phone is fantastic compared to my old phone and i am very happy with my decision of buying it. it dosnt look to good (as it is the brown version) but the features are brilliant. it is loud has a good camera and stores every thing i want on the free 2 gig memory card. go and buy one! you wont be disapointed !!!!
Rating: 4/5

Review by: Noeleen From: England On: 30th March 2007
The 7373 is prob the best phone I have every had, its pretty, light with great graphics and ringtone. Buy this phone and you will be impressed. Its soooooooooooooo nice.
Rating: 5/5

Review by: Debs From: England On: 4th February 2007
What a really great looking mobile phone and with a 2.0 megapixal camera too. Got the 7373 2 days ago and its just fab. Buy one today
Rating: 5/5

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