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Phone Information

The Nokia N800 is the long awaited upgrade of the popular Nokia 770 Internet Tablet anmd uses the Maemo Linux platform which has been developed by Nokia. The Nokia N800 uses the very latest third generation of Maemo "Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition" which adds a few new features to the 2006 edition.

The N800 is almost the same size as the 770 and measures 75 x 144 x 13mm and weighs 230g in its protective case which is not too bad for a piece of hardware like this. The Nokia N800 has the same excelled 800 x 480 pixel display which is a very high resolution display. In addition the N800 has a webcam and improvements to the tablets WiFi and Bluetooth implementation. The Nokia N800 also accepts a wide variety of memory cards, including RS-MMS, miniSD, microSD and MMCmobile units, which gives you a great choice of media to use.

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Nokia N800 Spec


Out Now






800 x 480 pixels in 65k colours


0.3 Megapixels


PDA device 75 x 144 x 13mm and 206g


microSD, miniSD, RS-MMC, MMCmobile




Maemo 3.0







Battery life:

3 hours with 10 days standby

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Review by: Duncan W From: England 29th June 2007
It comes with a stylus but besides entering URLs and login info the first time(it can save logins for future visits), you can navigate the web and read just by using the 5-way navigating pad on the left side of the device.

It includes two SD slots and can be used as a video and MP3 player.

It runs on Linux OS, with a nice graphical desktop developed by Nokia

You can install dozens of third party applications, most free, including a spreadsheet (Gnumeric), an enhanced media player dubbed "Canola" that makes the device look and act like an iPod, and it's rumoured that Nokia is having Skype port its software to the device as well.

(Battery life is between 2.5 and 4 hours of continuous use when logged in via Wi-Fi (which can be a power hog). If you let power saving kick in, the battery can last for a couple days without recharging).
Rating: 5/5

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