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Phone Information

The Nokia N91 is a handset designed for playing back audio tracks and other multimedia functions.

The main feature of the Nokia N91 is that it has a huge 4Gb internal hard disk one of the largest internal hard rives in any phone to date. It also has a 2 megapixel digital camera for quality photos and video. It is a 3G handset with a WiFi (802.11b) card built in.

The display is a 176 x 208 pixels in 262k colours so you can view your photos and videos with a great quality image. The Nokia N91 has Bluetooth, USB connectivity an FM radio and much more.

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Nokia N91 Spec


Out Now


UMTS (3G) + Tri-band GSM




176 x 208 pixels, 262,000 colours


2 megapixels


Large slider
113 x 51 x 22mm / 160g


Memory Internal: 30MB (contacts, calendar notes and events, messages), 4GB for multimedia files








Java (J2ME): Yes ,MIDP 2.0, CDLC 1.1
WAP: Yes Ver 2.0
Platform / OS: Symbian 9.1 - Series 60 UI
Predictive Text Entry: T9
Browser: HTML and xHTML browser (support HTML 4.01)
PIM Application: Advanced Series 60 PIM features including calendar, contacts, to-do list, and PIM printing
Other Application: WLAN 802.11b/g

Battery life:

3-4 hours talk / 7 days standby


Symbian Series 60

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Review by: Duggy Boy From: England On: 2nd April 2007

Had this phone on Orange for a couple of weeks now and it is outstanding. The camera and the music player are very good, the memory is well 4GB (WOW). It is a bit big but its mine and I am keeping it. Rating: 5/5

Review by: Jon From: England On: 25th Feb 2007

Hi there. To start with the n91 is a great phone. The music player is great and the applications and games you can get are also great. It is quite heavy but it looks fantastic. The other reviews however are accurate, it does crash and i have personally had problems my self, ie applications such as themes would load but then unload and mess up the future loading of that particular application. The remedy is to update the software (firmware) as soon as you get the phone! If possible do it yourself, I went to my local nokia service point to get it (flashed) and they didnt do it it had the old firmware installed. Go to the nokia website and hunt around for the software updating application you need. Your PC needs to have a minimun of 256 MB of RAM to perform the update, once you open the updating application it will automaticallty apply the latest software (read relevant instructions). Once this is done you will no longer have a problem as i have not for months, no error message, no crashing. Its a shame that it is up to the customer to find these things as i have done. As a company nokia should have made sure the software on these phones will work appropriately first time around, anyway goodluck. Rating: 4/5

Review by: Danny Cooper From: England On: 19th January 2007

4GB hard drive how amazing is that - The N91 is a cool phone with lots and lots and great bonuses. I have most my music collection on it and my ipod now sits in the corner gathering dust. Rating: 5/5

Mobile Phone Reviewed by: Paul Read From: England 29th July 2006
I have had the Nokia N91 now for a month and have to say that it is an outstanding mobile. The design and layout are just amazing and the phone is so easy to use, Nokia must have worked hard to make this model. The WLAN for browsing is great and its amazing how many places offer free wifi. Nice phone and cheap too.
Rating: 5/5

Review by: Rodney Harding From: England 29th April 2006
How can any one like this phone, it crashes all the time and is a bit bulky. The software is absolutly rubbish causing the phone to crash all the time and there is no flash on the camera, are Nokia going backwards on this phone?????? Dont get it get an N80 or N73 I will be.
Rating: 1/5

Review by: Marco From: Ireland 15th March 2006
It would be hard to say anything bad about this phone. Its music playback is amazing and so easy to use. I just love the N91 :-)
Rating: 5/5

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