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Phone Information

The Sony Ericsson W880i is an ultra slim and exceptionally light 3G Walkman phone and is only 9.5mm thick and only weighs 72g which is very light weight and is finsished in stainless steel.

When it comes to the screen / display of the W880i it has a 1.8" 240 x 320 pixel TFT panel with 262,000 colours. The camera on the phone is a 2 megapixel camera with a secondary camera for making 3G video calls. The memory of the phone is also very good as it comes with a 1GB Memory Stick Micro card.

The Sony Ericsson W880i is a UMTS 2100 MHz 3G phone with tri-band 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz GSM capability.

The mobile phone market does not see too many phones that are this small but this phone works very well and have lots of features just who knows how Sony Ericsson fit it all in.

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Sony Ericsson W880i Spec


Out Now


GSM Tri Band 900 / 1800 / 1900 + UMTS 2100




176 x 220 pixels in 262k colours


2 megapixels


103 x 47 x 9.5mm and only 72g


Internal(MB) : 10Mb
Expansion : Memory Stick Micro (M2) (1GB included)








Java (J2ME) Yes ,MIDP 2.0
WAP Yes Ver 2.0
Platform / OS Proprietary
Browser XHTML/ HTML (Netfront), RSS Reader
Predictive Text Entry T9
PIM Application Alarm clock, Business card exchange, Calculator, Calendar, Notes, Stopwatch, Tasks, Timer

Battery life:

6.5 hours talk and 17 days standby (GSM)

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Review by: The Sasy Man From: England 29th June 2007
I have only recently received this phone as an upgrade although I did not like it at first it is growing on me. I do think the buttons on the phone are still a bit small.
Rating: 3/5

W880i Review by: Bob Evans From: England 27th June 2007
I bought the Sony Ericsson W880i phone first and foremost as a phone and for that it's just fine. I love its compact size and great battery life for such a small phone. despite the small buttons, the raised ridges on them mean that even with fat male fingers, I have no problem with either dialling or texting. I already own a K800i as well and this is just as easy to use. Of course, it's not as feature-rich, but that's reflected in the price. If I want good photos I have a digital camera, but for capturing the occasional 'unforgettable moment' (as long as it's daylight) it's fine. For my journey by bus to work, it means that I can listen to some music to pass the time and the 1Gb supplied memory card means I can store enough favourites to stop me getting bored. Personally, I love it.
Rating: 5/5

W880i Review by: Kieran From: England 19th June 2007
I've had the W880i phone for three months now and personally I think it's the best phone I have had in 10 years. It looks cool and the music quality is the best. Picture quality is also very good and the features are amazing too.
Rating: 5/5

Review by: Michael Gill From: England 28th May 2007
Just a great phone. In your hand it has this feel that is solid and high quality all at once. I found it hard to put down. The sound of the voice is better than my land line being both clear and loud. I put my daughter's picture on the phone which I used as my wallpaper on my last phone and it looked much more brilliant on the this phone. I thought the sound was very good for an MP3 type player. It also just looks great in the black and orange package. I have had three other Sony Ericsson phone and this one a big step upward.
Rating: 5/5

Review by: S Shelley From: England 9th May 2007
I love this phone! Its slim and portable, i can barely feel it when its in my pocket, i keep thinking im gonna break it but it just doesn't! Its stylish, in silver its not too obvious, subtle in colour, a little sony ericsson branding here and there but nothing too obvious and i like that, class and style.

Ok, so on the down side its lost the flash and auto focus from the camera - but seriously, who needs that anyway! I have a digital camera, and any one else seriously interested in technology will have too - who needs to be fiddling around with a 2 megapixel phone camera? pointless! Introduction of a second camera - great, love the 3G calling.

Got rid of the radio - about time too, pointless and i never used it on the w800. 1GB of memory, ace - room for all my albums to go on there!

Has been criticised for the small buttons but they actually work really well! Because they are raised higher than on other walkman phones and are spaced a little further apart they are really easy to use, much easier than on the W800.

Trully an outstanding phone, in a class of its own. Pretty and practical. You will not be dissapointed!
Rating: 5/5

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